Personalizing Marital Property Agreements Before Nuptials

Property ownership after marriage and property division in case of divorce are normally interpreted through standard marital property laws in Illinois and elsewhere. A prenuptial agreement allows a couple to set the usual standards to one side while individualizing an arrangement that makes sense for their unique circumstances.

Who Should Consider Creating A Prenuptial Agreement?

Anyone engaged to be married should understand what marriage legally entails, including in aspects of property ownership. Consulting with an attorney about a possible prenuptial agreement is a good way to shed a bright light on how marital property laws would apply specifically to one’s individual financial big picture in case of a divorce. You and your fiancé may be good candidates for a prenup if either or both of you:

  • Has a much larger asset portfolio than the other
  • Has children from a previous relationship
  • Has business assets
  • Has or may have retirement assets connected to a job
  • Is a first responder, member of a branch of the military or veteran with associated retirement accounts

Keep in mind that if you consult with me as a couple regarding a prenup, I will be able to give you general information at that time. Then if one of you hires me, I will be representing that person and will recommend that the other have her or his own legal counsel. At all times, I will make sure you understand what the prenup means to you in practical terms, including:

  • Asset disclosure requirements
  • Allowable content and provisions
  • Signing and formalization requirements

I will tailor my services to what you need to meet your objectives.

Postnuptial Agreements; Interpretation Of Existing Prenups And Postnups

At the law offices of First Response Family Law, you can count on clear communication and laser-focused attention on your priorities.

You may have something else in mind rather than the creation of a new prenup. Instead, you may be interested in a postnuptial agreement to account for special financial or personal situations developing after you are already married. Let us help you evaluate options for achieving your goals.

Or you may be heading for divorce and need a lawyer’s eye to evaluate an existing prenup or postnuptial agreement. Is it enforceable? Is there justification for seeking to override it through litigation?

Meet With Our Family Law Attorney

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