When Your Family Law Court Order Needs To Be Modified

A divorce decree or a child custody or support order that you carry away from a family law court can feel final, but life is all about change. As you move on from a dissolved marriage or start implementing a co-parenting plan, do not be surprised if you or your ex-spouse encounters turns in the road of life,

For example, one of you may need to:

  • Move closer to elderly parents to care for them
  • Transfer to another part of Illinois or another state for work reasons
  • Move for educational pursuits that are important for your career(s)
  • Move after losing your home in a natural disaster

One of you may have:

  • A great increase in income through a promotion or some other way
  • A serious injury and become unable to work as you did before
  • A significant change in your work schedule or frequent such changes

Or one of you may:

  • Be laid off or demoted
  • Be promoted or get a new, more lucrative job
  • Remarry

If one of you is a front-line worker like a police officer, firefighter, health care worker, educator or retail worker, your work schedule may change significantly, affecting your ability to adhere to the parenting time schedule.

In all such cases, a major question is whether a family court will approve of a child custody or child support modification that you petition for. Or, if you oppose your ex-spouse’s proposed modification, what options do you have? Plan your strategy with the help of an experienced family law attorney. First Response Family Law, is available to represent you and help you prepare to defend your position before a judge.

What To Do About Life Changes That Complicate Custody And Support Schedules

If any life events such as those listed above may affect your ability to follow the same child custody order, child support order or spousal support arrangement, contact a family law attorney. First Response Family Law, welcomes the opportunity to help you pursue or protest a court order modification. As a former front-line worker (a police officer and a firefighter) and member of the military, TJ empathizes with your unique changes in circumstances. He will help you prepare a compelling case to bring to negotiations or before a family court judge.

Discuss your modification wishes or objections in Illinois with a lawyer by calling 312-605-1165 or email us through this website.