Defense And Guidance In Domestic Violence Matters

Being accused of domestic violence can turn a life upside down. Often, the person accused does not have a previous criminal record and can scarcely believe that private family matters have led to misdemeanor or even felony charges. Meanwhile, the accused person may face practical difficulties such as losing access to one’s home and losing contact with one’s children. A vigorous defense is needed on many fronts to allow the accused to move forward toward resolution, ideally without a criminal record.

Being threatened with domestic violence, on the other hand, is frightening. Experiencing assault by a spouse, domestic partner or family member may or may not result in physical harm, but it will nearly always result in emotional wounds and fear. The escalated emotions and possible restraining orders or orders of protection can disrupt one’s sense of security and get in the way of resolving a divorce or child custody dispute amicably.

Turn To A Lawyer Who Truly Understands Your Challenges

Walczak Law Group, P.C., offers decisive action and compassionate advice to people on either side of the domestic violence equation, particularly in cases where a divorce is imminent. As a former policeman, a veteran of the armed forces and a divorced father, attorney TJ Walczak has encountered countless situations similar to many of those that his family law clients bring to his urgent attention.

Mr. Walczak is ready to take the action you need to protect your reputation or your safety as immediately as possible. Previously employed with another law firm, he started Walczak Law Group, P.C., with the goal of being able to respond directly and immediately to any client’s needs. He is easily accessible to clients at any hour, ready to spring into action with the same sense of urgency that he once did as a front-line first responder.

How Attorney TJ Walczak Can Help You Right Now

Depending on your circumstances, he can help you as the accused:

  • Connect quickly with a criminal defense attorney who will help you stay out of jail and avoid a criminal record if possible
  • Regain access to your home
  • Regain contact with your children
  • Get a restraining order/order of protection lifted

Or from the other side of the fence, if you are the one claiming abuse, he can help you:

  • Get a restraining order or order of protection if you have been harassed and threatened
  • Protect your and your children’s sense of security
  • Expedite legal processes to protect your finances and your home
  • Advocate for you in favor of steps that may become necessary, such as insisting on supervised visitation for the other parent who has threatened you or your children

Contact A Reliable Advocate Without Delay

To keep your family law matter, (such as a divorce or a legal separation from a domestic partner) on track and to settle down the sense of emergency your family life has been thrust into, contact a trusted attorney who will keep you informed at all times.

Call Walczak Law Group, P.C., at 312-605-1165 or send an email inquiry to get prompt help.