Protect Your Child’s Best Interests And Your Parenting Time

You may be a parent heading for divorce, or you may not be married to your child’s other parent and anticipate a separation. Illinois’ laws about parents’ responsibilities apply whether parents are married to each other or not. Like the vast majority of parents, you no doubt want to preserve your right to maintain a nurturing relationship with your child, regardless of a divorce or separation.

Walczak Law Group, P.C., is committed to helping you push for a child custody agreement that will do just that.

An Attorney Who Can Guide You Through Co-Parenting, Visitation Rights And More

Do you have an irregular work schedule as a first responder such as an emergency room (ER) doctor or nurse, a police officer, a firefighter or an emergency medical technician (EMT)? Do you question the safety of the other parent’s home environment for your child? Does your child have special needs such as autism or learning disabilities, with a need for steady access to therapy?

Whatever your concerns, our family law firm will help you pursue a parenting plan that takes your family’s unique circumstances into account. We will represent you in your child custody dispute for your family’s sake.

Key Principles And Legal Guidelines For Parenting Time

Wise parents often realize that their roles in their children’s eyes take on even greater importance than ever after a divorce or separation. Attorney TJ Walczak co-parents his children and has navigated child custody disputes of his own, as well as others on behalf of clients of the law firm.

  • He knows how important it is to settle any disagreements strictly between the parents, keeping children out of any tension that may develop.
  • He understands the challenges and rewards that come with raising children in dual homes.

In most cases, both parents will remain involved in the whole process of raising a child: being available, making key decisions and helping to form a solid foundation in the child’s life overall.

Modifications And Enforcement

Walczak Law Group, P.C., can help you pursue or contest a modification after a child custody order is in place. He can help you understand parenting time guidelines and how to seek enforcement of a custody arrangement. When divorcing parents struggle to cooperate well, it is important to stay focused on finding solutions and preserving a child’s sense of security. Lawyer TJ Walczak knows from personal experience as well as from his law practice how challenging, yet how critical this matter can be. He offers his clients the reassuring support they need to protect custody and visitation rights with minimal complications.

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