A domestic violence charge could harm your career and your life

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Being accused of domestic violence is a worry for anyone. If you work in the public eye as a firefighter or police officer, it can be even worse. A conviction could harm your career.

When you work in a stressful environment, it can affect your emotional and mental health. Switching off when you get home can be challenging, and as a result, you might not always be as present or attentive as your spouse wants. Your job can end up harming your relationship.

For example, if you spent the day fearing you might get shot, you may be a little jumpy when someone drops something in the kitchen or slams a door. If today you endangered your life to save a child from a burning building, you may feel talking about what color to paint the house is frivolous.

Partners who feel abandoned or feel you do not listen to them can sometimes go to extremes to get the attention they crave or alter their situation. One thing they might do is make a false accusation of domestic violence as they know it will make you sit up and take note of them. What they might not realize is that they are jeopardizing the income on which you and they depend.

There is no time to delay if facing domestic violence accusations

A domestic violence accusation can change things faster than you imagine. You may be unable to return home after a tough day’s shift if your partner seeks a restraining order. You may be unable to see your children and get the cuddles that make even the worst day seem bearable. You could even have your right to bear a firearm challenged, which might make doing your job impossible. Acting fast is crucial to halt false domestic violence accusations before they destroy your life.