Unfounded domestic violence claims can affect your relationships with your children, others

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Those unfairly accused of domestic violence may lose access to their children and other loved ones, but it is much more than a family matter. Many people accused of harming family members also risk an arrest and prosecution. Whether you are facing criminal charges for alleged domestic violence or are simply concerned about your kids, you need legal guidance.

The sooner you seek such guidance, the sooner you can put the issue to rest and return to your life. In many cases, a family law attorney can guide you toward a favorable outcome when facing violence allegations.

How can a family law professional help?

If you are looking at criminal charges, find a lawyer with experience defending cases like yours. He or she can also provide you with immediate assistance in other ways:

  • Finding evidence to prove that you are innocent before charges arise
  • Connecting with witnesses and other individuals to gather a complete and accurate picture of the circumstances
  • Talking with the members of local police departments to learn if your family member accused you of domestic violence in the past
  • Guiding you in court proceedings aimed at getting protective orders against you removed
  • Helping arrange visitation with your children and getting you access to your home

We know this is a frightening time and that you are worried about your immediate and long-term future. If you have children, you are probably also concerned over how they will respond to you after being accused of violence. Our attorneys urge you to learn as much as you can about domestic violence in Chicago, Illinois. You can find information by reviewing more of our website or asking our attorneys specific questions about your case.