What should you do if you lose your job during your divorce?

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As you have probably come to realize, getting a divorce is never an easy or simple matter, even when a split is relatively amicable. There are many issues to resolve before you receive your final divorce decree. Property division and issues of support rank high amongst the matters you must address in your divorce.

In the economy of the 21st century, every cent counts, especially during a divorce. If you lose your job during the proceedings, it can change everything, making you feel as if you must start all over again building your side of the case. Despite a job loss, you can still carry on with your divorce without fear of a judge’s disapproval. Follow the tips below and consider reaching out for legal assistance to improve your case.

  • Be honest with the court about your situation. If the job loss wasn’t your fault, the court will likely take that into consideration when awarding support.
  • Make every effort to find new employment even though you may feel overwhelmed by your overall circumstances.
  • Because you will need regular employment to achieve a favorable outcome for your case when it comes to support and custody, resist any temptation you may feel to return to school or start a new career.
  • Keep careful records of your efforts to find new employment in case the court asks for documentation.
  • Examples of proper record keeping include documenting each time you send out resumes, spend time exploring employment websites, attending interviews, etc.

Losing a job and getting a divorce at the same time feels like a massive blow to your entire way of life. However, if you take the right approach for the court, a job loss need not interfere with your divorce. For additional guidance, consider scheduling a consultation with an experienced law firm.