Top 5 Apps for Anyone Going Through a Divorce

by | Sep 27, 2020 | Firm News |

Divorce is one of the most painful and challenging hurdles that a person can endure. The physical, emotional and social stress that divorce brings with it can overwhelm even the strongest of us. The legal implications of divorce is only the tip of the iceberg, including even the ‘smoother’ divorces. Child custody and child support are often just as stressful, especially for the children themselves. Throw in other hurdles like alimony, co-parenting, security and logistics and it’s no surprise that so many divorces turn nasty.


But if you’re going through divorce in the 21st Century, there is one ally that you have access to that can make all the difference between a foul belabored divorce and a quick peaceful one: smartphone apps. Living in the Post-Industrial Age means that you have a plethora of specialized apps and softwares for any modern day problem, mere finger-taps away. And divorce is no exception. 


So our writers here at Walczak Law Group have compiled the Top 5 apps to help you complete your divorce process as smoothly as possible. We have based our criteria on app ratings, customer reviews and our own personal experience with each app.


Legal Service Link

1. Legal Aid: Legal Services Link

The legal industry is still finding its way around the world of smartphone apps. Given the profession’s complex nature, especially during the ever-changing landscape of American politics, attorneys and firms are still generally unsure of how to effectively market themselves through apps.


But there is one app that seems to have discovered the magic formula: Legal Services Link. This app takes your legal enquiry and budget, and feeds it to its extensive database of nearby lawyers. Usually, in less than 24 hours, lawyers would have reviewed your enquiry and reached out to you to help you take further legal steps. From there, you can take your time to choose from the list of proposed attorneys.


Legal Services Link makes this process easy and accessible for those who have no experience in divorce proceedings. You can choose from a variety of legal enquiries and their website comes with a helpful FAQ and helpline, if needed.

Co-Parenting & Expenses:


Support Pay Application

Organizing the financial aspects of a divorce, particularly during the early stages, can often be tricky. What does the other partner need? What does a child need? More importantly, who pays for what? These aren’t necessarily difficult questions to answer, but given the sensitive nature of a divorce, money is always stressful.


But it doesn’t have to be. SupportPay has made financial co-parenting as breezy as possible. The app’s best feature is allowing parents to schedule, organize and split expenses. Whether it’s alimony, child support or other support expenses, SupportPay makes everything as resistance-free as it can be. 


But things don’t stop there! SupportPay also includes features to upload legal documents, To-Do lists and being able to invite the other parent to collaborate on all of the previous features. And of course, there are additional premium features. This app is a no-brainer for anyone involved in divorce and gets the WLG Seal of Approval with ease!

App Cozi


3. Organization: Cozi

Our lives are fuller than ever! Humans have never had more things on their To-Do lists more than in the Information Age. Organization and time-budgeting is more key than ever. Especially when it comes to the complicated process of divorce. 


One effective tool that is invaluable in addressing this problem is Cozi. This app is aptly titled as a “Family Organizer”, and it more than lives up to its name. Its strongest feature is the family calendar, which comes with visually appealing color-codes, appointment setting functions and automatic emails that links you to any member of your family.


In addition, Cozi can be used for almost any other facet of your life. Whether you need to create a shopping list for your next camping trip, plan your child’s birthday party, itemize recipes for your next Christmas dinner or compile a journal of a special family moment (grandma’s house!), Cozi has a feature for everything.


Find My Kids App

4. Child Security: Find My Kids

Child security can be a real concern, especially for those who are newly divorced. Navigating the world of co-parenting can be tricky, for both parents and children. Depending on custody circumstances, children may find their new arrangement confusing. And parents have every right to feel nervous about their children’s whereabouts during this sensitive process, even if they are just watching TikTok at their bff’s.


Thankfully, there’s one trusted app to help relieve this concern and keep you at ease: Find My Kids. Don’t let the predictable name fool you. Find My Kids has a loyal following, with more than 10 million downloads and a rare 4.6 star rating (almost impossible for apps with such high download numbers).


The app comes with a GPS location tracker that allows you to track your child’s location. For more serious concerns, Find My Kids also allows you to listen in on your child’s surroundings, checking their phone battery, add custom locations that notify you when your child has arrived and even has its own chat functions so that you retain basic communication.


5. Counselling & Wellness: BetterHelp


Better Help App

Therapy is notoriously unaffordable. Licensed professionals in the field of counselling and therapy are still out of reach for the majority of Americans. The industry has also developed an unsavory elitist reputation, supposedly serving only those with lofty paychecks and ‘first world problems’. Scrap all of those misconceptions. Divorce is painful and you deserve a hand to guide you through it.


Thankfully, the new generation of counselling services have made their way into your smartphone and there is a wide variety of them to choose from. But one stands out from the rest: BetterHelp.


The app boasts their over 10,000 counselors & therapists covering a wide variety of specializations with all counselors licensed, trained, accredited and highly experienced. And with a whopping 4.6 star rating and thousands of glowing reviews, there is very little competition. 


Now here’s the tricky part: BetterHelp is not free. In fact, no online therapy is. Depending on the pricing option you choose, BetterHelp ranges from $35 to $80 a week, far cheaper than any other app for the quality you receive. And that’s not even comparing it to traditional in-person therapy, which can cost hundreds of dollars per session. BetterHelp has a tight screening process, requiring all their professionals to have a minimum of 3 years experience, and offers you the same intimate experience of traditional therapy. Your mental health is paramount to the success of your post-divorce life, so it’s an investment very much worth considering. And it’s all from the convenience of your phone.