Certain conduct can lead to restrictions on visitation time with your kids

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You probably already know this but going through the child custody stage of a divorce can bring out a person’s worst behavior. We believe the onslaught of emotions spouses experience plays a large role in negative conduct. Whatever the cause, certain behaviors can lead to limits or restrictions on the time you spend with your children even after your divorce is over.

Illinois family courts always strive to protect the children of divorce by putting their best interests first. If a judge witnesses or learns about poor conduct on your part, he or she may come to believe your visitation time should be restricted to protect your kids. 

The reasons a family court may impose limits on child custody and visitation usually involve truly harmful or dangerous conduct. For example, if you threaten or physically harm your spouse or any family member, the court may limit your parenting time. In another example, any type of negative conduct a parent displays through the divorce and child custody process can also result in visitation limits.

In our experience, we have seen people going through a divorce act out by shouting, threatening or otherwise exhibiting aggression. Not all these parents suffered custody or visiting time restrictions due to such conduct, but we think you should know that it is a possibility, which you can overcome by finding experienced legal guidance.

We know how hard it is to contain your emotions when your parenting time is at risk. However, by listening to your attorney and complying with the instructions a court or a judge provides, you can minimize the risk of losing precious time with your children.

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